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Most of the impact on education comes from county and state school systems.  That's why we focus on working with school boards and individual schools to provide knowledge and resources.


While local systems have the most frequent impact on schools, national systems have the largest.  Because of this, we take a lot of importance on working with the federal government.


While school systems around the world may sometimes be as different as night and day, a lot of their needs are still the same.  Due to this, we place a high priority on collaborating with global schools.


The MANGO Campaign is Language Exchange Atlanta's campaign to promote a broader type of education than the STEM model of learning.  It covers areas such as language learning, media literacy, animal welfare, gender equality, and college planning.

MANGO is an expansion of Language Exchange Atlanta, a meetup group designed to bring individuals together to practice their language skills.  The purpose of this was to not only broaden the focus beyond languages, but also to emphasize on important aspects of schools that the STEM model of education doesn't highlight.  This, however, isn't meant to replace the STEM model, but to expand upon the humanities more.


The reason why we emphasize on the humanities is because these subjects often promote qualities such as social justice, creativity, empathy, and logic.  In otherwords, these subjects often discuss what makes us human.  As people, we communicate all the time and the humanities allow us to develop the speaking skills necessary for conversations.

Our campaign follows many of the ideals during the Renaissance era.  In otherwords, we realize that technical subjects like science can coexist with a focus on art and literacy.  It is common for communities to look at STEM subjects as lucrative and humanities as less prestigious.  However, the truth is that these different areas can complement each other.  After all, Leonardo Da Vinci was both an artist and a scientist.


Even though we seek to work with all grade levels, our priority is on high school and college students, as these are critical years in students lives.  Our biggest emphasis is on the education system in America, but we are also emphasizing on building school systems in other parts of the world.

While we take importance in the human characteristics that the humanities bring out in students, a major priority of MANGO is to make these subjects lead to employable skills.  In otherwords, we strive to ensure that these types of classes to go beyond the textbook and embrace career development.

We are also partnered with Infinity Learning, a company that offers academic tutoring, test preparation, and other services.  



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