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We believe that extracurricular activities shouldn't be separate from the the classroom learning experience.  Instead, these can make academic material more engaging and should instead be part of material taught in class.  For example, students can:

  • write for the school newspaper, give news coverage through university radio and television stations, and participate in debate team for language arts

  • plan multicultural events, develop a Model UN program, and take part in volunteer activities  for social studies 

  • raise money for charity and get involved in sales activities to practice mathematics 

  • organize recycling programs and visit animal sanctuaries for science


While MANGO is not exclusive to focusing on humanities education, it is the main emphasis.

  • Foreign language education is the largest part of our work on the humanities, as we believe language education (1) improves employment opportunities, (2) expands diplomacy among  countries, and (3) builds friendships with people

  • We also stress law, music, history, and literature, as our approach is also very interdisciplinary

  • We believe in implementing subjects like music to make classes such as mathematics more entertaining or theatre to improve science class.

  • Service-learning also plays a vital role.

Lesson Plans

Project-based learning is valuable for helping students learn because it allows learners to actively take part in the material that they are being taught instead of passively receiving information in class.  Project-based learning may include:

  • event planning 

  • role-playing

  • scavenger hunts

  • debates

  • charity drives

  • board games

  • video games

  • field trips

  • karaoke

  • speeches

  • science fair projects

Cultural And

Diversity education and career planning should be heavily implemented in our schools.  Many of our projects allow students to learn more about other cultures and build employment skills.  These types of activities may consist of:

  • mock interviews

  • entrepreneurial campaigns

  • resume and cover letter writing

  • computer literacy tasks

  • language exchange

  • arts & crafts

  • consent discussion groups

  • homelessness outreach activities  

  • global outreach math problems

  • diversity trivia competitions

  • career assessments


Even though we work with students of all grade levels, our target audiences are international female students in high school and college.


Our campaign implements educational projects that promote multicultural and vocational skills in schools.



The work we do has an effect on students of all grade levels, both inside and outside of the classroom, from preschool all the way to college.


As an international campaign, what we do can be beneficial for all countries around the world, including nations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


We promote the humanities is because these subjects promote qualities that make us human.  Some of them are empathy and logic.


To make this possible, we will develop curriculum, share resources, and  provide project-based, as well as career-building learning activities

Interdisciplinary Focus

MANGO is an expansion of Language Exchange Atlanta, a meetup group designed to bring individuals together to practice their language skills.  Our biggest focus is  language learning, but we also emphasize on other important aspects of education, including media literacy, global studies, and service-learning.  Our campaign follows many of the ideals during the Renaissance era.  In other words, we realize that technical subjects like science can coexist with a focus on art and literacy. When a scientist shows a diagram of the human body, an artist needs to make it look artistic.  Also, when people learn how to code, grammar is used when the technical concepts are explained.  Schools should do more than provide academic knowledge. Education should also help students to be socially conscious and prepared for careers.