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Multicultural Art Nature Governance Opportunity

MISSION: To provide theme-based and interactive projects that improve communication skills for students from preschool to college. 

Professor MANGO's Education Recipes has four key areas of communication that it stresses on.  They are (1) reading; (2) writing; (3) speaking; and (4) listening.  This approach is used to benefit learning in all subjects.  The MANGO acronym is like a recipe for cooking. Each letter represents an education theme, and different elements of education go together like ingredients of a recipe. 

Theme-Based Instruction

Interactive Education

Project-Based Learning

We believe that the classroom experience is improved when themes are attached to learning.  Good themes to incorporate in instruction include:

  • Animals

  • Civics

  • Employment

  • Equality

  • Family

  • Finance

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Music

  • Parties

  • Recycing

  • Shopping 

  • Sports

  • Television

  • Transportation

Whether students work together in groups or have friendly competition with each other, classroom interaction is crucial for learning.  Examples of activies are:

  • Band

  • Board Games

  • Charity Drives

  • Debate

  • Event planning

  • Fundraisers

  • Karaoke

  • Language Exchange

  • Robotics

  • Role-playing

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Soccer

  • Theater

  • Trivia Competions

  • Video Games

When students participate in projects, they are often more motivated because they are learning by doing.  Projects may consist of:

  • Building Businesses

  • Community Gardening

  • Creating Mobile Apps

  • Designing Cities

  • Drawing

  • Map Making

  • Newsletters

  • Origami

  • Restaurant Reviews

  • Resume Writing

  • Robotics

  • Science Fair Projects

  • Scriptwriting

  • Speeches

  • Writing Newsletters

The various themes and projects that schools can include in their lessons are all examples of ingredients that go together.  Here are the five major parts of MANGO and things that relate to them. 

  • Multicultural topics range from learning about social identities and sports to finding out about global holidays, customs, and fashion.

  • Art can be visual or performing and includes painting, music, theatre, and pottery.

  • Nature focuses on taking care of all living creatures through preservation of the sky, land, and water.

  • Governance emphasizes on the importance of elections, public services, law, and foreign policy.

  • Opportunity stresses mostly on career development, but can also discuss topics like technology, housing, city life, and bills.

There are four main skills that MANGO takes importance in.

  • Reading-Reading emphasizes on different aspects of comprehension.

  • Writing-Writing may focus on the use of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Speaking-Speaking can include pronunciation, public speaking, and tone.

  • Listening-Listening stresses on both what is heard and responses to it.