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Multicultural Art Nature Grammar Opportunity


Because of COVID-19, schools have had more difficulty with providing opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.  This is why MANGO Co-Curricular Education believes in bridging the gap between the classroom expderience and the outside-of-class experience.  There are many benefits to these kinds of activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Help students build important skills for the workforce and for community building

  • Initiate friendships and networking opportunities for students and educators

  • Reduce stress by offering fun activities for learners to participate in

  • Teach new perspectives for students, faculty, and staff

  • Motivate students so they can get better grades in their classes

Classroom Experience

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that the classroom experience is important because it provides structure for students.  Some of the subjects that we focus on include, but aren't limited to:

  • Writing Composition

  • Reading

  • Public Speaking

  • Foreign Language

  • Political Science

  • Public Policy

  • Geography

  • History

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Physical Education

  • Science

  • Engineering

  • Fine Arts

  • Music

  • Journalism

Extracurricular activities  allow students to build skills such as leadership and teamwork.  These types of activities are often afterschool, but can also take place during the school day.  Examples of them are:

  • Volunteer 

  • Environmental

  • Student Government

  • Yearbook

  • Student Newspaper

  • Student Radio

  • Student Television

  • Debate

  • Sports

  • Cultural

  • Robotics

  • Theatre

  • Band

  • Orchestra

  • Chorus

Co-Curricular Learning 

When the classroom experience is combined with the extracurricular experience, learning is much more engaging for the students and prepare students for the world around them.  Classes can have:

  • Event planning

  • Language exchange

  • Charity drives

  • Fundraisers

  • Speeches

  • Science fair projects

  • Video games

  • Career assessments

  • Mock interviews

  • Resume writing

  • Computer literacy tasks

  • Trivia competions

  • Boardgames

  • Scavenger hunts

The resemblance that the MANGO education model has to the fruit is that the fruit is sweet and healthy.  The goal of the MANGO Campaign is to provide learning opportunities that are also engaging.  Each of the five letters of the MANGO acronym represent specific aspects of education that are important. 

  • Multicultural benfits range from learning about different languages and global human rights to finding out about international holidays, customs, and geography.

  • Art can help students become more creative through painting, music, theatre, and other components.

  • Nature is a component that focuses on taking care of all living creatures through preservation of the sky, land, and water.

  • Grammar emphasizes strongly on the importance of building reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

  • Opportunity stresses mostly on career development, but can also empower students in home management and using numbers.