Foreign Language


FL10A Get taught about idioms for people, animals, color, and friendship

FL10B Talk about vocabulary related to jewelry and accessories

FL10C Learn terms related to job skills and activities, as well as areas in the workplace

FL10D Be familiar with words related to factories


S10B Learn about the challenges women in the workforce face

S10C Learn about the challenges people with disabilities face

S10D Learn about ways to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace

S10E Brainstorm ideas to improve workplaces, schools, public spaces to better accommodate individuals with disabilities


P10A-Understand the practice of emotional abuse and isolation used for control in order to avoid potential situations.



G10A Learn about differences between eastern and western medicine and practices


C10A Focus on how boycotting can have an impact on future laws

C10B Discuss surveillance and its legal ramifications

C10C Talk about mandatory voting and its impact on elections

C10D Highlight distracted driving and the importance of road safety



H10A Explore the history of video games and pinball machines

H10B Find out about natural disasters throughout history and how they've been addressed​​





P10A ​Discuss the equivocation fallacy of confusing arguments with more than one definition 

P10B Talk about the tu quoque fallacy of two wrongs make a right 

P10C Learn about the faulty sign fallacy

P10D Speak about the false dilemma fallacy 

P10E Go over the begging the question fallacy of truth without additional evidence


N10A Introduction to sustainable agriculture and forestry


N10B Introduction to chemical pollution and what we can do to help


N10C Analyze different local environmental issues; preferably using place based learning techniques

N10D Understand the weather/climate within the students’ community​

N10E Understand bioassays, what they are used for, how it can be used to detect toxins

N10F Understand the benefits and problems with silt and be able to recreate aquatic conditions in order to test presence of contaminants

N10G Discuss ways to “go green” and be able to test toxicity levels of “green” products

N10H Be able to do an ecological footprint analysis of individuals, families, communities

N10I Learn about the concerns of fisheries and fish markets




R10A Analyze and answer function questions


R10B Look at and interpret sentence-summary questions


R10C Be able to understand reference questions



W10A Have knowledge of problem and solution questions


W10B Respond to preference questions

W10C Get an introduction to the art of writing newsletters



SP10A Talk about academic summary questions


SP10B Give responses to short answer questions



L10A Listen to questions related to maps, plans, and diagrams


L10B Hear questions that focus on flowcharts, notes, tables, summaries, and forms


L10C Respond to spoken questions about purpose and inference

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Business Administration

BA10A Understand what customer service is and what how to handle situations at work

BA10B Discuss making proposals and pitches

BA10C Get educated about business etiquette on areas including email and telephone protocol, and professional attire 


BA10D Go over communication during meetings, as well as taking down minutes and setting up agendas


M10A Know the ways that companies brand themselves with logos, characters, slogans, and other characteristics

M10B Compare advertising methods ranging from using billboards, direct mail, and word-of-mouth to social media and other online ways of promoting online


M10C Talk about how target marketing, product placement, and endorsements influence the way products or services are promoted

Human Resources


HR10A: Understand soft skills and technical skills that are in demand in the workforce

HR10B: Create online and hard copy portfolios to present to employers

HR10C Find out about best practices in networking, including business cards and using connections to get careers


T10A Talk about artificial intelligence and its advantages, as well as disadvantages

T10B Get introduced into the world of coding

For technology​, here are some additional Common Core standards.


E10A Explore the real estate industry by learning about commercial and residential properties

E10B Discuss supply and demand in regards to purchasing products and services

E10C Talk about the rise and fall of businesses and nonprofits