Cultural Diversity


Global History


Foreign Language


Human Rights

HR10A-Understand the practice of emotional abuse and isolation used for contro in order to avoid potential situations.





C10A Focus on how boycotting can have an impact on future laws

C10B Discuss surveillance and its legal ramifications

C10C Talk about mandatory voting and its impact on elections

C10D Highlight distracted driving and the importance of road safety


Media Literacy

ML10A Know the ways that companies brand themselves with logos, characters, slogans, and other characteristics


ML10B Compare advertising methods ranging from using billboards, direct mail, and word-of-mouth to social media and other online ways of promoting online


ML10C Talk about how target marketing, product placement, and endorsements influence the way products or services are promoted




R10A Analyze and answer function questions


R10B Look at and interpret sentence-summary questions


R10C Be able to understand reference questions



W10A Have knowledge of problem and solution questions


W10B Respond to preference questions



S10A Talk about academic summary questions


S10B Give responses to short answer questions



L10A Listen to questions related to maps, plans, and diagrams


L10B Hear questions that focus on flowcharts, notes, tables, summaries, and forms


L10C Respond to spoken questions about purpose and inference



E10A Get educated about business etiquette on areas including email and telephone protocol, professional attire, and communication during meetings


E10B Find out about best practices in networking, including business cards and using connections to get careers


E10C Understand what customer service is and what how to handle situations at work

E10D Discuss making proposals and pitches


T10A Talk about artificial intelligence and its advantages, as well as disadvantages

T10B Get introduced into the world of coding