Cultural Diversity


Global History


Foreign Language


Human Rights

HR11A-Be aware of intimidation and the presence of coercion and threats used for control.




C11A-Discuss the legal aspects of using drones

C11B-Compare monarchies, oligarchies, aristocracies, and democracies

C11C-Talk about the War on Drugs and how it affects government

C11D-Learn about how companies scam customers and how the law addresses this


Media Literacy

ML 11A Discuss functions of public relations such as crisis management, press releases, and handling crises


ML11B Analyze the influence that different social media sites have on people


ML12C Talk about the presence of different blogs and what makes certain types popular




R11A Look at and interpret passage-summary questions


R11B Read and respond to text-insertion questions


R11C Understand table completion questions


W11A Respond to multiple opinion essay questions


W11B Write about pros & cons of different topics



S11A Talk about campus matters and concerns


S11B Learn about how to have campus conversations


S11A Listen to and answer attitude questions


S11B Hear sentence-completion questions and respond to them



E11A Get information about negotiating salaries and benefits 


E11B Find out how to research job openings and job outlook for various careers


E11C Narrow down career goals and conduct self evaluations for future plans

E11D Know which skills are in demand and balance passion with practicality



T11A Learn about using video editing and special effects software

T11B Find out how to use photo editing tools