Foreign Language


FL12A-Have a debate about corporate social responsibility and to what extent businesses should contribute

FL12B-Engage in discussions about the use of cell phones in schools


S12C-Discuss hazing on campus and ways to stop it from happening

S12D Have debates about cancel culture and the legitimacy of the actions

S12E-Talk about caring for the elderly and discuss the pros, as well as cons, of nursing homes


P12A-Be able to handle intense conversations in regards to fighting against human trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, rape, and sexual assault.

P12B-Recognize dating violence and how we can prevent it.


C12A-Explore censorship and what role the law has in it

C12B-Talk about police body cameras and the importance of fighting police brutality

C12C-Discuss martial law and the consequences behind it


GH12A Talk about Brexit and how it has impacted the global economy



Media Literacy 

ML12A Discuss using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


N12A Classify the steps of the carbon cycle and what happens if one of the steps is disrupted

N12B Design and conduct experiments how communities can look for environmental solutions and plan changes needed for the future

N12C Investigate healthy aquatic ecosystems and what happens when balance is disrupted due to climate change

N12D Explain data about biotic and abiotic factors of an ecosystem

N12E Understand the clues that scientists use to determine what the climate was like 10,000 years ago

N12F Explain how different cultures interact with their environment and how settlement patterns, migration, and globalization have impacted the environment

N12G Have a firm understanding about the principles of sustainability and resource management

N12H Evaluate various approaches to achieving a more sustainable relationship between the environment, society, and economy

N12I Be able to develop practical solutions to environment and resource management issues




R12A Read and respond to matching information questions


R12B Learn about answering matching heading questions


R12C Identify information and writer views or claims



W12A Write about advantages and disadvantages 


W12B Answer questions about maps, processes, and two-part questions


S12A Learn speaking skills related to academic and reading lectures



L12A Listen to organization and connecting content questions


L12B Hear and respond to multiple choice and matching questions

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Business Administration

BA12A Explore entrepreneurship and various career industries 


BA12B Participate in apprenticeships, internships, and job fairs


BA12C Research colleges and trade schools to determine future choices

BA12D Go over business ethics and corporate social responsibility

BA12E Take part in job shadowing of different career professionals


T12A Go over the process of app development 

T12B Be taught about the art of animation

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