Foreign Language

FL2A-Know how to follow simple instructions and ask for permission

FL2B-Express opinions, stating preferences, and making complaints

FL2C-Accept, decline, and giving invitations

FL2D-Give and receive compliments

FL2E-Being polite by making requests, saying sorry, and congratulating

FL2F-Talk about vocabulary words related to the outdoors and nature

FL2G-Discuss terms related to going to the library

Social Studies


S2A-Be knowledgeable about different forms of discrimination in the public and private sectors

S2B-Talk about maternity and paternity leave options throughout the world


P2A – Start to learn how to manage stress and develop resilience.

P2B – Awareness of cultural/society rules that helps in the regulation of behavior and emotional expression.

P2C – Develop of moral reasoning, more flexibility when making judgments.

P2D - Explore the differences between healthy friendships and toxic friendships


G2A-Be aware of misconceptions about cultures and realities

G2B-Get taught about special months such as National Hispanic Heritage Month, Chuseok, and Black History Month

G2C-Explore holidays like Lunar and Tet Festival, as well as Cinco de Mayo.

G2D-Find out about regional similarities and differences of international foods.

G2E-Be able to interpret basic maps to identify states, countries, and continents.


G2F- Learn about major cities around the world.

G2G-Compare urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Here are some other guidelines for geography



C2A-Examine the Constitution of the country.


C2B-Realize how checks and balances work with the various branches of government.


C2C-Be taught about how elections work and the existence of different parties.


H2A Know about Juneteenth and how it has impacted the world


H2B-Recognize the impact of inventions from the Ancient Times.

H2C-Discover the history behind World Teacher's Day


For visual arts and music, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards




S2A Learn about animal habitats and the water cycle: precipitation, collection, evaporation, condensation

S2B Find out about more environmentally cleaning and sanitation products

S2C Discuss the ethics of animal testing and how it is used in different industries

S2D Talk about animal cruelty in the fashion industry

S2E Appreciate the diversity of life forms in the animal kingdom

S2F Describe plant and animal parts that enable survival

S2G Distinguish between living vs. non-living things

For physical science, we recommend going by the Common Core standards.  We also suggest the same for life science and earth science

For general health, here are the standards that we recommend.  We also suggest the same for engineering.


For speaking & listening, writing, and reading, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards. 


For mathematics, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards.

For technology​, here are some additional Common Core standards.