Cultural Diversity

CD2A-Be taught about major cultural events in the world that are country specific and take place in multiple nations.

CD2B-Recognize cultural practices of indigenous populations.

CD2C-Discover Women’s History Month and the importance of it


Global History

GH2A-Learn about important historical figures among different ethnicities and from each gender.

GH2B-Recognize the impact of inventions from the Prehistoric Times.


GH2C-Be taught about the origins behind major landmarks.


Foreign Language

FL2A-Be able to make a grocery list and go to a supermarket.

FL2B-Learn how to find out where the bathroom is.

FL2C-Find out how to take a taxi or use public transportation.

FL2D-Be familiar with vocabulary terms related to animals.

FL2E-Find your way around town and ask for directions.

FL2F-Know how to go to the doctor and pharmacy.


Human Rights

HR2A Build more extensive knowledge about equal rights in the workplace, in sports, and communities in general.

HR2B Examine the significance of protests

HR2C Learn about the basics of fair trade


G2A-Be able to interpret basic maps to identify states, countries, and continents.


G2B- Learn about major cities around the world.

G2C-Compare urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Here are some other other guidelines for geography




C2A-Examine the Constitution of the country.


C2B-Realize how checks and balances work with the various branches of government.


C2C-Be taught about how elections work and the existence of different parties.


For visual arts and music, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards


Animal Welfare


AW2A Talk about animal cruelty in the fashion industry


AW2B Discuss the ethics of animal testing and how it is used in different industries

AW2C Find out about the declining bee population

Environmental Conservation

EC2A Learn about alternative types of paper such as bamboo and hemp


EC2B Talk about more sustainable sources for plates and silverware


EC2C Find out about more environmentally cleaning and sanitation products

EC2D Get taught about using canvas bags to reduce plastic and paper dependence

EC2E Learn about animal habitats and the water cycle: precipitation, collection, evaporation, condensation

EC2F Learn about ways to reduce pollution and create less trash

For physical science, we recommend going by the Common Core standards.  We also suggest the same for life science and earth science

For general health, here are the standards that we recommend.


For speaking & listening, writing, and reading, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards. 


For mathematics and engineering, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards.

For technology, here are some additional Common Core standards.