Cultural Diversity

CD3A-Be aware of misconceptions about cultures and realities

CD3B-Get taught about special months such as National Hispanic Heritage Month, Chuseok, and Black History Month

CD3C-Explore holidays like Lunar and Tetl Festival, as well as Cinco de Mayo.

CD4D-Find out about regional similarities and differences of international foods.


Global History

GH3A Know about Juneteenth and how it has impacted the world

GH3B-Recognize the impact of inventions from the Ancient Times.

GH3C-Discover the history behind World Teacher's Day


Foreign Language

FL3A-Know how to follow simple instructions and ask for permission

FL3B-Express opinions, stating preferences, and making complaints

FL3C-Accept, decline, and giving invitations

FL3D-Give and receive compliments

FL3E-Being polite by making requests, saying sorry, and congratulating.


Human Rights

HR3A-Be knowledgeable about different forms of discrimination in the public and private sectors

HR3B-Talk about maternity and paternity leave options throughout the world


G3A-Name major bodies of water in smaller and larger areas.


G3B-Determine state and province capitals.

Here are some other other guidelines for geography



C3A Understand the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism.


C3B Be taught about how food stamps and government assistance programs work


For visual arts, we recommend going by the Common Core standards

For music, we also recommend going by the Common Core standards


Animal Welfare

AW3A Appreciate the diversity of life forms in the animal kingdom

AW3B Describe plant and animal parts that enable survival

AW3C Distinguish between living vs. non-living things

Environmental Conservation

EC3A Discover composting and eliminating food waste


EC3B Learn how deforestation and fracking can be reduced


EC3C Find out about ocean garbage and how we can avoid polluting our water supply

EC3D Examine different cloud formations and how they impact the seasons.

EC3E Understand the weather/climate within the students’ community

EC3A Learn about where pollution comes from

EC3B What effects pollution has on our planet and organisms

EC3C Discuss ways we can create less pollution

EC3D Begin to learn about solar energy

EC3E Understand what resources are being uses daily

For physical science, we recommend going by the Common Core standards.  We also suggest the same for life science and earth science

For general health, here are the standards that we recommend.


For speaking & listening, writing, and reading, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards. 


For mathematics and engineering, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards.

For technology, here are some additional Common Core standards.