Cultural Diversity

CD4A Get taught about different types of games in other parts of the world

CD4B Discover days of significance like Waitangi Day and Nauruz

CD4C Discover annual calendars for holidays and celebrations such as Golden Week, Nauruz, Waitangi Day, and Dragon Boat Festival

Explore rituals for weddings, graduations, and other coming of age ceremonies in other countries.

CD4E Experience theatrical performances that are recognized throughout the globe.


Global History

GH4A Get taught about the history of slavery around the world

GH4B-Recognize the impact of inventions from the Middle Ages.

GH4C Find out about underrepresented groups in history and their contributions.

GH4D Understand the history of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.

Foreign Language

FL4A-Go to retail locations to purchase and understand cost of services that companies provide.

FL4B-Visit places that offer leisure activities

FL4C-Make reservations and ordering at a restaurant

FL4D-Go to additional places such as the bank, gas station, and library

Human Rights

HR4A-Explore the consequences of discrimination and reverse-discrimination

HR4B Explore the issue of poverty and methods of helping people in need

HR4C Get connected to agencies that address poverty


G4A-Identify lines of latitude and longitude

G4B-Take a journey into iconic locations such as Machu Picchu, The Pyramids, and the Sydney Opera House

G4C-Compare and contrast similar types of landscapes in different regions.

Here are some other other guidelines for geography



C4A Understand how taxes work and what they fund

C4B Be familiar with policies about waste management, recycling, and water supply.

C4C Understand public services related to utility management


For visual arts, we recommend going by the Common Core standards

For music, we also recommend going by the Common Core standards


Animal Welfare

AW4A Identify the life cycle plants and animals

AW4B Recognize that most living things come from a male and a female parent

AW4C Understand what living things need to survive (air, water, food, sunlight)

Environmental Conservation

EC4A Get introduced to limiting consumption through purchases of used items.

EC4B Observe the movements of the sun and the moon, as well as their environmental impact.

EC4C Study ocean activities such as waves and currents

EC4D Examine weather changes from day to day and from season to season​​

​EC4E  Discover how the planets in the solar system and their positions around the sun impact the environment.

EC4A Learn to reuse everyday items such as plastic bags

EC4B Learn about animals that are suffering from climate change

EC4C Learn about global warming and the greenhouse effect

EC4D Learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy

EC4E Understand patterns of change in Earth’s surface relating to fossils and rocks

For physical science, we recommend going by the Common Core standards.  We also suggest the same for life science and earth science

For general health, here are the standards that we recommend.


For speaking & listening, writing, and reading, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards. 


For mathematics and engineering, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards.

For technology, here are some additional Common Core standards.