Foreign Language

FL7A Go over vocabulary about places such as the bank, gas station, and post office 

FL7B Learn vocabulary words related to highways and and traffic

FL7C Know how to go to the doctor and pharmacy


S7A-Explore other relationship red flags including, but not limited to, false accusations, jealousy, and telling others what to do


G7A Talk about various types of families such as extended, nuclear, and step families  


Here are some other other guidelines for geography



H7A Learn about crises such as terrorist attacks and migrant crises

H7B-Recognize the impact of inventions from the Industrial Revolution.

H7C Discuss operations throughout history where refugee outreach has taken place​​


C7A Know about the different branches of the UN and how they operate

C7B Learn about governmental operations of space exploration

C7C Understand basic health codes for businesses

C7D-Be introduced to the issues of landmines and explore efforts to ban them

C7E-Get familiarized with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


For visual arts, we recommend going by the Common Core standards

For music, we also recommend going by the Common Core standards


N7A Reduce environmental impact through methods such as cutting back on energy and water use

N7B Learn about cutting back on fossil fuels used in transportation

N7C Decrease waste headed to landfill and protecting natural habitats

N7D Reduce water and soil contamination​

N7E Learn about animal testing and analyze the ethics of it, along with it’s drawbacks


N7F Find out about humane cosmetics, and toxicity levels in many common inhumane products

N7G Get taught about exotic wild animal trade

For physical science, we recommend going by the Common Core standards.  We also suggest the same for life science and earth science

For general health, here are the standards that we recommend.  We also suggest the same for engineering.




R7A Think critically about the author credentials and affiliations

R7B Determine accuracy and evidence of information displayed

For speaking & listening, writing, and reading, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards. 



T7A Talk about how 3D printers and space technology are applied in our world

T7B Get an introduction to the world of cloud computing

For mathematics, we recommend going by the Common Core Standards.

For technology​, here are some additional Common Core standards.