Foreign Language

FL9A Get taught about idioms for money & finance, shopping, weather, traveling, and law 

FL9B Talk about different methods of payment, including credit cards and checks

FL9C Go over vocabulary related to driver's education

FL9D Discuss vocabulary related to crimes and emergencies

FL9E Find out about terms associated with job safety

FL9F Rent a car and get vehicle repaired or receive maintenance



S9C Know the difference between the medical and social models of disability

S9D Have discussions about stereotypes, racism, and privilege

S9E Learn about implicit bias and how it effects individuals


P9A-Recognize economic abuse, using children to relay messages, and tactics of minimizing, denying, and blaming as methods of control.

P9B-Be informed about the differences between the honeymoon, tension building, and explosive phases of destructive relationships​



C9A-Be aware of how laws affect trademarks and patents


C9B Understand concepts of zoning laws

C9C-Talk about the prison industrial complex, private prisons, and prison labor

C9D Discuss solitary confinement and how it relates to the justice system


H9A Talk about the history of board games

H9B Examine pop culture information throughout time​



P9A ​Discuss the faulty cause and faulty analogy fallacies 

P9B Talk about the sweeping and hasty generalization fallacies

P9C Learn about the appeal to ignorance fallacy

P9D Speak about the bifurcation fallacy of all-or-nothing


N9A Have an extensive study on soil erosion and pollution


N9B Get more exhaustive information on climate change 


N9C Learn about the importance of insects and other undesirable creatures for biodiversity and sustainability

N9D Get an introduction to sustainable building design and construction

N9E Identify problem areas and types of waste that are commonly brought to landfills

N9F Understand the benefits and problems with silt and be able to recreate aquatic conditions in order to test presence of contaminants

N9G Understand what good drinking water is, how to detect chemicals and contaminants, and how to improve water quality

N9H Understand the connection between urbanization, population growth, and deforestation

N9I Be able to survey a land to find out what species live there (biodiversity)





R9A Talk about how to navigate through detail questions


R9B Discuss how to understand negative fact questions

R9C Understand how broadcast media outlets can influence the way information is delivered

R9D Be aware of the different uses of print media such as newspapers, magazines, and flyers


W9A Learn how to respond to challenge questions


W9B Answer writing questions related to support


SP9A Find out how to speak about personal experiences


SP9B Get taught about speaking when asked paired-choice questions


L9A Listen to and answer main idea questions


L9B Hear detail questions and respond to them

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Business Administration 

BA9A Find out about organizational structure of companies

BA9B Learn how to follow directions on the job

BA9C Focus on employee motivation, with factors such as job satisfaction and retention

BA9D: Be familiar with workplace communication expectations

Human Resources

HR9A Learn how to format resumes, write cover letters, and determine whether or not a curriculum vitae should be used

HR9B Be taught about questions during job interviews and good answers

HR9C: Fill out a general job or employment application


HR9D: Understand basic etiquette before and after a job interview.

HR9E: Understand basic information about a company’s benefit’s packages.


T9A Learn about project management tools such as Basecamp

T9B Get taught to use data analytics software ranging from SQL to Tableau

For technology​, here are some additional Common Core standards.


E9A Get taught about purchasing car, health, travel, life, and home insurance

E9B Discuss paying bills ranging from phone and utilities to childcare, groceries, gasoline, and other household products.

E9C Find out about the various types of pyramid schemes out there

E9D Discover the consequences of financial advice from get rich quick spokespeople

E9E  Understand how to file taxes and learn about what they fund