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Even though we work with students of all grade levels, our target audiences are international female students in high school and college.


Our campaign implements co-curricular projects that promote multicultural, art, nature, grammar, and opportunity in classrooms.


The work we do has an effect on students of all grade levels, both inside and outside of the classroom, from preschool all the way to college.


As an international campaign, what we do can be beneficial for all countries around the world, including nations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


We promote co-curricular education because extracurricular activities help students build skills such as leadership, creativity, and teamwork that should be implemented in class.


To make this possible, we will develop curriculum, share resources, and  provide project-based, as well as career-building learning activities


We believe that the subjects that MANGO focuses on should tie in directly with various types of extracurricular activities to embrace a co-curricular experience. We provide lists of common, as well as suggested, extra-curricular experiences for each subject.


The multicultural aspect of MANGO focuses on many of the following subjects:

  • foreign language education  

  • sociology 

  • linguistics 

  • psychology 

  • civics

  • history

  • geography

Multiculturalism is the most important aspect of MANGO.  This element of our campaign is vital for influencing students to have more global perspectives


The art aspect of MANGO focuses mostly on the following subjects:​

  • Music 

  • Theatre 

  • Fine Arts

  • Philosophy

  • Film

Art is a necessary part of MANGO.  This element of our campaign influences creative thinking and can consist of areas such as pottery, drawing, and origami.


The nature aspect of MANGO focuses mostly on the following subjects:

  • Biology  

  • Chemistry

  • Physics 

  • Earth Science

  • Engineering

  • Medicine

  • Physical Education

Nature plays a vital part of MANGO as well.  It largely addresses the need to take care of our planet.


The grammar aspect of MANGO focuses mostly on the following subjects:

  • Speech

  • Composition

  • Reading

  • Journalism

Grammar is a crucial part of the MANGO model.  It covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that we use in our everyday communication.


The opportunity aspect of MANGO focuses mostly on the following subjects:

  • Mathematics

  • Economics

  • Business Administration

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Technology

Opportunity plays a key role in the MANGO model.  Through this element of the education campaign students will be more prepared for their careers.

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