Here are the recommended art standards for MANGO curriculum.

For visual arts, we recommend going by the Common Core standards


Grade 6

Media Literacy

ML6A Evaluate media content based on how current the information is

ML6B Check to see the intended audience and relevance of topics

ML6C Think critically about the author credentials and affiliations

ML6D Determine accuracy and evidence of information displayed

ML6E Find out about bias and purpose of information

Grade 9

Media Literacy

ML9A Understand how broadcast media outlets can influence the way information is delivered

ML9B Be aware of the different uses of print media such as newspapers, magazines, and flyers


Grade 10

Media Literacy

ML10A Know the ways that companies brand themselves with logos, characters, slogans, and other characteristics


ML10B Compare advertising methods ranging from using billboards, direct mail, and word-of-mouth to social media and other online ways of promoting online


ML10C Talk about how target marketing, product placement, and endorsements influence the way products or services are promoted


Grade 11

Media Literacy

ML 11A Discuss functions of public relations such as crisis management, press releases, and handling crises


ML11B Analyze the influence that different social media sites have on people


MLC Talk about the presence of different blogs and what makes certain types popular


Grade 12  


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