21st Century Education: The Importance of the Humanities in Primary Education in the Age of STEM

100 IELTS Essay Questions                                

A Graduation Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of BA in Education & Teaching

An Evidence Informed Approach to Effective Sex, Relationships and HIV/STI Education.

Citizenship through the Humanities.              

Comparative analysis of the national curriculum frameworks of five countries: Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Kenya and Peru

Currículo Nacional de la Educación Básica.   

Diversity And Complexity        


Diversity Matters                       

Finland National Core Curriculum for Basic Education 2014           


Foreign Languages and Trends in Secondary Education

Girl Effect (2018) Real girls, real lives, connected: A global study of girls’ access and usage of mobile, told through 3000 voices.

Global Business Coalition for Education (2014) Ebola Emergency: Creating Safe Schools and Preventing a Long-term Crisis.

HerStory Campaign                                         

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Information Note on Sexuality Education

Humanities in the Primary School-philosophical considerations.

IELTS Online Tests                                           

IELTS Practice Tests                                         

Incheon Declaration: Education 2030: Towards Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for All.

International Baccalaureate                          


International Baccalaureate Programs        

International Bureau of Education: In focus.

Making Schools More Inclusive            

Mighty Girl Toys                                       

Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional. “La Formación Profesional Actual En El Sistema Educativo.” TodoFP, Gobierno De España, 2019,

Multicultural Career Counseling: A National Survey of Competencies and Practices


Multicultural Education Into STEM   

Open Book Academy Pty (Ltd) – Trendsetters Elementary

Outdoor education, ICTs and soft skills effects on English teaching: Gabes primary schools as a case study

Press Releases: Report on Youth Sexuality Study 2016.

Repositioning and reconceptualizing the curriculum for the effective realization of Sustainable Development Goal Four, for holistic development and sustainable ways of living

"Review of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A Framework for Policy Makers, Educational and Health Authorities and Specialists.

Steps to inclusion in schools                              


Strategies for Increasing Target Language Use



The Belgrade Charter                                           

The Future of the Humanities in primary schools- reflections in troubled times.

The Growing Importance of Learning Spanish.” Capita Translation and Interpreting

The Value of the Humanities.

Tips for Making Classrooms More Inclusive as Students Head Back To School

TOEFL Practice Tests                                             

Training Tools for Curriculum Development    

Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Understanding the Humanities Crisis: An Argument for Humanaities’ National Value.

Why the Liberal Arts


Arts Education for the Development of the Whole Child.

Benefits of an art education

Benefits of Art Education: A Review of the Literature

Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development.

Findings of Visual Arts Research in Early Childhood and Primary Education

How Arts Integration Supports Student Learning: Students Shed Light on the Connection.

Importance of arts education                        

Learning In and Through the Arts.                     

Music as a Teaching Tool                                      

Music Education Lesson Plans By Category      

Nine Teaching Ideas for Using Music to Inspire Student Writing

The benefits of incorporating music in school curricula

The Importance of Fine Arts Education           

The Line Song                                                        

The Role of the Visual Arts in Enhancing the Learning Process  

The top 10 skills children learn from the arts

Why Our Schools need the Arts.

Why the arts are important in education?     


Advancing Environmental Education and Training for Sustainable Management of Environmental Resources in Palestine

An assessment of micro-wind turbines           

Climate Change Presentation 

Ecological Diversity and Its Measurement




Environment Friendly Schools: How to Make Your School Green 

Journal of Sustainability Education              

NASA.  "Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet."

National Geographic.  "The World Is Getting Warmer."         

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration.  "Climate Change."

Our top tips for an eco-friendly and sustainable school

"The Economic Costs of Smoking in the United States and the Benefits of Comprehensive Tobacco Legislation"

The Guardian.                                                        

United Nations "Peace, Dignity, and Equality on a healthy Planet." 

Understanding the Global Warming Discussion: Climate Change as a Context for Developing Standards-Based Research Skills in
Secondary School Students

What is a green school?                                      

Youth Risk Behavior Survey: Data Summary and Trends Report: 2007–2017.


Adult literacy rates, 2015 or most recent observation".

Alphabet Pop Art                                                 

Building Vocabulary is Easy with this Arts Integrated Strategy 

Compound Word Art                                          

Draw a Rhyme                            

English Langauge Arts


Reading And Writing

UNESCO. "Functional Literacy in Eastern and Western Europe."   


Asian Development Bank. "Skilling the Pacific: Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Pacific"

Curriculum Framework of General Education and Technical Education.         

Entrepreneurship Education: State of the Art                                  Entrepreneurship In Education: What, Why, When, How

Fewer, but still with us: The world has made great progress in eradicating extreme poverty

International Growth Centre (2018) The economic lives of young women in the time of Ebola: Lessons from an empowerment programme. uploads/2018/06/Bandiera-et-al-2018-Working-Paper_rev-Dec-2018.pdf


Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional. “La Formación Profesional Actual En El Sistema Educativo.” TodoFP, Gobierno De España, 2019,

"OECD review of vocational education and training in Hungary" 

"Special Education in Latin America: Experiences and Issues, 1995 | Online Research Library: Questia"

The benefits of vocational education and training

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Vocational Education in Finland"

Vocational Education: Purposes, Traditions, & Prospects

Vocational Training in India - A skill Based Education".


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