There are many different topics that we think would be beneficial for students of each grade level.  However, we don't believe that there is one "right" set of things to teach in schools.  While some things like basic mathematics, reading, and writing are universally accepted as important to learn, there are many other things that may depend on the communities.  This is why we offer a recommended list of things for students to learn.  For each of the grade levels, there are lists of concepts in a way that is similar to a menu at a restaurant.  The most useful lessons are main courses while other lessons can be appetizers, sides items, and desserts.   

Elementary School

During the elementary school years students explore a larger part of academia.  While kindergarten takes a more advanced approach to what was taught in preschool, students start getting more exposure to social studies, science, and other classes in 1st grade.  Because of this, the MANGO education model is particularly important for making sure students are fully engaged in the material that they learn.  This can include things like having math problems that incorporate international events or utilizing music and theatre as a way to help students read better.

Middle School

Once students start middle school, they are exposed to more than the basics of eduction.  MANGO's focus during these years is to prepare students for more real-world applications to the things that they learn.  

High School

High school is one of the most important times for MANGO to be implemented in schools.  During these years students are making big decisions about their futures, whether that refers to making career decisions or choosing between going to college, trade school, or specialized courses.  As students prepare for adulthood, survival skills become more important.  Topics such as learning about paying for bills like rent and cell phone bills in mathematics will become more crucial for students during these years.


Once students go to college, they enter a whole new world of independence.  These years are the most important years that MANGO works with students on, as whatever students major in will impact the rest of their lives.  Career preparation becomes increasingly vital, but what's also true is that the flexibility of college life gives more opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities.  This is also the time when students decide whether or not to finish their students with an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, or go all the way up to their PhD.