While MANGO's main focus is very simple, our campaign covers a lot of different areas of education.  These mostly focus on the classroom, but much of this campaign addresses other aspects of schools. 
Language & Linguistics

Language Learning is extremely necessary to connect the world around us.  It helps many people acquire job opportunities, builds diplomatic relationships around the world, and even allows individuals the chances to make new friends.  Languages can be in many different forms


As humans, we communicate all the time and there are so many ways we can implement communication topics in our education systems.  Public speaking, film, and media literacy are examples of topics that we can cover in our schools to improve our ability to communicate with the world around us.  



Reading is often the first way that students learn to navigate through other subjects in school.  Understanding the alphabet is necessary to build writing, speaking, and listening skills.  While books are important, students should also learn about reading journals and other types of materials.


Ethical development can be a very crucial part of building students to becoming more socially conscious.  These philosophies taught in school may range from the value of gender and racial equality to kindness toward animals, respect for people with disabilities, and service-learning.


History is a form of the humanities that connects us with the past.  We often learn about political history in schools, but topics like inventions, business, philanthropy, and others can be taught as well.  Likewise, our history classes should be very interdisciplinary in terms of subjects that they intersect with. 

Cultural Studies

Studying different cultures is imperative in our schools, but we must include a global perspective on the world and not just the viewpoints of one country when we study other countries.  Understanding other economies, celebrations, and other ways of life brings the world closer together.

Writing Composition

Writing skills are essential for survival, whether it means business writing, working on print materials, letters, or submitting emails to companies.  It is imperative that schools teach students how to write another in a variety of different ways, as their futures depend on such versatility.  

Law & Politics

Political science, public policy, and law classes are valuable for us to know our rights as citizens and understand what the functions of governments are.  Incorporating a global understanding of civics can raise awareness of what we can learn from other countries on how government can run more efficiently.

Visual Arts

Visual arts classes can allow students to become more creative in their approaches to teaching people about the world.  Filmmaking, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and other areas of fine art can be combined with any subject to make it more appealing for students to learn.

Performing Arts

Performing arts, as well, can be implemented with other academic disiplines to make studying a more engaging experience.  Theatre, dance, and music don't have to be excluded from subjects such as science, mathematics, language arts, or social studies.  Instead, they can be infused in the classes we already take in school.


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