My name is Gaurav Bhatia.  I like experiencing different cultures, traveling, speaking different languages, playing boardgames, listening to 80's music, and spending time with family and friends.  Much of my career has been in education, as I've taught English at schools such as American National College, English for a Lifetime, and Beulah Heights University.  Furthermore, I've also tutored in subjects like math and Spanish for Infinity Learning and Atlanta International Language Institute.  I am TESOL certified and have a Master of Science in Education. 


There are many reasons I chose to start the MANGO Campaign.  I believe that the humanties, as well as social studies classes, can be beneficial for making students more socially conscious.  However, I also believe that these subjects, which have the perception of being less beneficial for careers, can incorporate vocational skills.  My favorite food is mango, which is how the campaign was named. 


Here is a list of recognitions I've received. 

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