Academic Departments


Biology-Because of the large emphasis on environmental science, biology would be the science department that would most likely be impacted by the work that we do.  Areas such as marine biology would be stronger, due to the respect for nature.

Communications-We believe that areas such as speech and journalism should play a more important role in Language Arts education.  Moreover, media literacy in the areas of print, broadcast, and social media will allow people to think more critically when looking at sources.

Early Childhood Education-Because of how young elementary school students are, it is most useful to promote MANGO at such early ages so they can become more emphathetic and civic-minded individuals when they get older.


English-Whether one is talking about ESL or Language Arts, our campaign would spread the English language heavily.  Allowing individuals to improve their vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, listening, writing, and reading comprehension skills in English is crucial.

Marketing-Marketing, as well, should play a stronger role in Language Arts classes.  Children should learn about how the concepts such as  sales and advertising work in the business world so they can be prepared for their futures as adults.

Middle-Secondary School Education-Middle school and high school students are heading toward adulthood, which is a big reason why schools need to help them adapt and become more career-oriented, but also more compassionate.

Mathematics-Numbers are all over the world, and with a new education model, mathematics could be implemented with a much more interdisciplinary approach.  In other words, art could be used as a way to teach arithmetic, geometry, calculus, and other parts of math.

Political Science-With a stronger focus on law and public policy, political science classes of the future can provide better opportunities for the students of tomorrow to understand how their government works.  

World Languages And Culture-Of all the departments that MANGO would affect, this would be the one that would get impacted the most.  We place a high priority on educating students about the importance of different languages and understanding cultures around the world.

Non-Classroom Areas

Academic Advising


Alumni Programs


Campus Safety

Career Services-University career centers will benefit heavily from the MANGO model, as students will get better access to resources that will prepare them for their futures.  Likewise, high schools are more likely to introduce career centers.


Civic Engagement-Because service-learning plays a big role in MANGO, civic engagement offices will be crucial in helping us spread our goals of educating students on understanding how to help others most effectively.

Counseling Centers-Counseling centers throughout all grade levels will be better equipped to help students resolve issues ranging from bullying and domestic abuse to academic stress and depression.

Disability Services-Whether students have physical, mental, audio, or visual disabilities, offices that help students can benefit from what the MANGO campaign does.

Diversity Programs-Diversity programs offices are at the heart of what our education model emphasize on outside of the classroom.  Multicultural events will allow students to learn about other parts of the world.

Financial Aid

Greek Affairs-Sororities and fraternities have large impacts on university life and this is why we seek to work with these college groups

Intercultural Relations

International Student Offices-Reaching out to students who are studying on a visa is important because education for immigrants allows for a pathway to citizenship in other countries.

Libraries-Libraries make a tremendous impact on education, as research and computer literacy skills are often learned from them.  This is why we seek to work closely with libraries in the future.

New Student Programs-First year students in college have a lot to gain from the types of programs we promote, as it can help them navigate through the rest of their years in school.

Recreation Services

Student Government

Student Health Promotion-Student health promotion offices will have more tools to promote STD prevention, help people who have drug addictions, and raise awareness of problems like sexual harassment, rape, and assault.  

Student Leadership-Leadership programs offer many learning opportunities that classrooms don't always give students.  This includes project management skills and teamwork.

Student Media-Because the media plays an important role in the arts and how we learn about current events, we stress a highly on the value of media literacy education for these types of efforts.

Student Programming

Study Abroad-Study abroad is an excellent way for learners to get exposed to different cultures and that is why MANGO takes importance in these types of opportunities.

Sustainability Offices-Sustainability offices are very important for ensuring that students reduce the impact of climate change.  Offering more opportunities to reuse, reduce, and recycle will help our planet become stronger.