Here are comments from people who have participated in Language Exchange Atlanta.

“This was my first meeting. I live 40 minutes away. It was worth the drive. Excellent opportunity to practice. Very welcoming crowd shared awesome resources..” — DeLain R. Climmons


“I look forward to this group every week! It is my favorite way to practice Spanish..”— Samantha Eve James


“Wow!  What an amazing night!  Really happy to have met the team.”— Andye AndinhaNiakan 


“With great lovers of languages. It was fantastic, fantastico....grazie, gracias, merci....thanks for such a wonderful time to converse in Italiano. Can't wait for the next time..”  

—  Lydia Vale


“It was an awesome experience as my first time and was happy to see you all."— Arinaz Khatib 

"The group was very diverse. There were people there that represented the opportunity to chat in at least 7 different languages. Enjoyed the experience." — Tyeisha

"It was great. It was fun practicing the languages I know and am learning" — Lilou Fombrun

"It was my first time and I was impressed! Good group of people"​

— JoAnn

"Great group of people!​" — Victoria

“I had a great time, as always, learning French with the group. There are more new people every meet-up. Lots of fun, learning, and great pastries to be had at Mozart's Bakery.”

— Delisa Williams


“Had so much fun today! It's great practicing a language and learning about other cultures.”

— R'Nelle Collines


“I had so much fun. What an interesting and talented group of people! See you next month!”— Lisa Bongiorno 


“Excellent meetup! I look forward to the next one.” — Katina 


“I liked the location and the idea of the meet up, and the group was really nice. Overall a great experience!” — Sen

"Excellent group to practice the language of your interest"

— Xiomara

I had so much fun at this last meeting! Thanks to everyone at the Japanese and Italian tables. — Hien Robinson

Was a pleasure meeting & chatting with some of you. Hope we meet soon — Hayder Al Sakini 

"Was a very nice experience, I could practice and meet new friends :)" — Laura